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Package A : Furnishing Package

This package includes:
  • Loose Furniture (e.g. dining table, chairs, desks, sofas, beds, TV cabinet, etc.)
  • Curtains & Blinds (e.g. draperies, roman blinds, wooden blinds)
  • Wall Finishing (wallpaper, paint)
We have proposed 4 different styles of loose furniture, curtains, blinds, and wallpaper for every unit type. The following styles are:

* click "details" to view details
Loose furniture Curtain Wall paper Wood Fabric
Classical-Contemporary details details details details details
Modern-Retro details details details details details
Oriental-Resort details details details details details
Modern Style
details details details details details

** 2 options of loose furniture per style have been proposed
** 2 options of curtain fabrics per style have been proposed

Asian Motifs Company Limited will provide the following
  • Loose furniture, curtains/ blinds, wall finishing layouts
  • Costing & Manufacturing of selected furniture type
  • Quality control during manufacture
  • Assisting delivery / installation on site
To help bring your concept together, Asian Motifs also offers Design & Consultancy Services upon request. This service will assist you in the following areas:
  1. Recommend/ select style of furnishing package
  2. Select individual pieces of loose furniture to fit your concept
  3. Select all upholstery and curtain fabrics
  4. Select style and type of curtains/ blinds
  5. Select wall finishing materials such as wallpaper and paint color
Click on unit plan to see the number of loose furniture designs / estimate budget for each unit type

Type A Type B Type C
Type D Type E Type F

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